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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Things are really getting interesting!

Well, I suppose that's just my luck. Things start to get a little busy for me to the point where I don't get to write on my blog as much as usual, and wouldn't you know it, all Hell breaks loose in Canadian politics!

So far it looks like I've missed Justin Trudeau entry into Canadian politics (meh... we'll see where this leads us), the Tories took a nosedive in the polls, and Gilles Duceppe can't seem to make up his mind! And that's just naming a few of the important events I've missed out on. Oh well, such is life. Anyways, here's a "Reader's Digest Version" of my view on things right now.

I haven't really got a lot to say about Trudeau right now, but I'm willing to give him the chance to prove himself.

As for the Tories, this latest slump looks good on them, but we Liberals had better not get too optimistic just yet. After all, we haven't exactly been rising a whole lot in the polls lately, and there's no telling when the Tories could just explode in our faces! With an election looming, potentially this summer, Liberals had better be wary, and above all, ready to hit the pavement and work hard whether an election is called or not this summer.

I can't really say that I understand what is going on with Duceppe, but the whole thing smells a little funny to me. Why would a politician of Duceppe's calibre humiliate himself by waffling as he has over the last few days? It just doesn't make any sense! I mean, if he had been scared off or bought out, I'm sure he would have just waited at least a few weeks to bow out gracefully or something. Still, if he is truthfully backing out for the good of the separatist movement, it is an admirable act of self-sacrifice... if you're a separatist.

I particularly enjoyed watching André Boisclair get eaten alive and then make a pathetic remark about Québec's "liberation" (as if Québec hadn't freely chosen to remain a part of this country on two occasions!)

I don't follow French politics closely enough to know whether Sarkozy is the best choice or not, but one thing is certain, the Franco-American relations could certainly use a defrosting, and with a new American president incoming, things are looking a little more optimistic. And besides, I'm rather enjoying the fact that Royale suffered a defeat as she kind of got my blood boiling by supporting the separatist movement over here.

Well I guess that's it for now. I'll try to make my postings a little more regularly this summer!


  • Heck if you won't come debate with us, we may just have to come take the debate to you in southern Ontario :)

    By Blogger Marc-André Mongeon, at 7:28 AM  

  • You will be welcomed with open arms!

    By Blogger Fish, at 6:08 PM  

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