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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Belinda is leaving politics

Well, as suddenly as she burst onto the political scene, it seems that Belinda Stronach is leaving politics just as quickly.

I don't think I've ever been shy about the fact that I am not exactly her biggest fan. I was really upset at how she left a high profile position in the official opposition party to become a cabinet minister in Paul Martin's government. I too would have felt far more comfortable if she had simply left the Conservative party to sit as an independant until she could be elected as a Liberal. To be fair though, she was re-elected in her riding in spite of the way her big switch happened. So if nothing else at least her riding forgave her. Which I seriously doubt will be the case for David Emerson or Wajid Kahn.

I don't think any of us will ever forget the infamous dog remark made by her former boyfriend Peter MacKay, Canada's current Foreign Affairs Minister. I must admit that I lost what little respect I had left for MacKay over this incident. Not simply because he let his feelings get the better of him, but because he was too cowardly to simply admit that he had made a mistake or at least to deny that he had said it, he was revealed for the weasel that he is.

If nothing else, Belinda made our lives interesting, as we never quite knew what to expect of her. She was, at least in appearance a strong advocate for the promotion of the status of women. As one of the author's of the Pink Book, she helped set forth some of the Liberal Party's most progressive women's policy.

In the word's of one of my best friends, and fellow bloggers, Vicky Plouffe:

"she showed women that they could become involved into both young and pretty, without being confined to the pretty face status in the house" (this quote is not from Vicky's blog, it is from an MSN conversation we had that I am reproducing here with her permission)

I can't say that I really agree with Vicky all that much, as I don't think that canadian women ever needed to be convinced of what they can and can't do. But one thing is undeniable, Belinda played in the big leagues and held her own in a male dominated arena. She refused to bve cast aside like the Helena Guergis and Rona Ambrose "types" of the Canadian political world. I'm sure Belindsa's vast family fortune didn't hurt in this regard, but there is certainly no shortage of men in Canada's parliament with this very same advantage.

Like I say, I'm not exactly her biggest fan, but I think I will miss her. If nothing else, Canadian politics will miss having such a strong female voice.


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