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Friday, October 20, 2006

One Hell of a Burn

According to the Canadian Press, it has been alleged that while being questioned in the House of Commons about his party's environmental plan, Conservative Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay was asked "what about your dog?", to which the Nova Scotian MP allegedly replied "You already have her" and gestured toward his ex's vacant seat. MacKay is apparently denying that he referred to Stronach as a dog. I should also point out that there is no record in Hansard of the comment, and the audio-tape that captured the comment is not clear. Perhaps MacKay is innocent, but it does not look good for him. See article:

As funny as this comment was, it is not the kind of comment that should be tolerated from one of this country's elected officials about another. I should hope that whoever made the comment would at least have the intestinal fortitude to apologize.

Chances are we've all been hurt by someone at one point in our lives, and MacKay was betrayed and humiliated by Stronach on a very public level. It's more that understandable that he would have some pent up hostility. Just the same, he has a duty to put his personal life aside and conduct himself in a professional manner. If he is not able to do this, then he should not be able to keep his job.

What I fail to understand in the matter is how the whole thing is being made out to be a comment against women. I don't pretend to know what MacKay was thinking when he said what he said, but I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that he was comparing Ms Stronach as an individual (not women in general) to a dog. What he said was bad enough on it own merit because it was demeaning and unprofessional. I see no reason to go reaching and turn it into something it wasn't.


  • Agreed my fishy friend. I do believe that Peter's comments weren't intended to reflect on the entirety of women, in fact, as I believe our "honourable" minister of foreign affairs' track record will show, he is quite a fan of the ladies, and they of him.

    However, we must realize that these types of comments are demonstrative of a general attitude that pervades the ranks of male politicians in some parts of the country. I know in my home province women in the Alberta legislature have often had to put up with some absolutely ridiculous conduct from our politicians.

    I recall one such incident where Premier Klein began nearly shouting at Laurie Blakeman (then Deputy Leader of the Alberta Liberals) asking "Are you calling me a liar!!!!? Are you calling me a liar!!!?" This type of conduct was never exhibited by Klein towards male members of the opposition, or to his male critics.

    Women represent an integral part of our population and our public lives. They lead in many realms of private life, and it is only right that they do so in public life. The perception that comments, such as those made by our good friend Peter, can generate can serve to perpetuate an impression that politics is espescially difficult on women (which it is), causing more women to be hesitant to become involved.

    I do have to present one caveat to my assessment. I only possess one X chromosome and my other is a Y, so my evaluations are presented from my particular perspective as a man.

    Also, I do enjoy seeing the burn being turned around on Pete with headlines now reading "MacKay has Conservatives in the doghouse" or "MacKay in the dog house".

    Karma baby... it's a beautiful thing.

    By Anonymous albertaliberal, at 11:19 PM  

  • It's a shame that Peter McKay has to come to such a low standard, even if he was obviously joking. Nonetheless, I can see how women in general might be offended by the remark, because it's clear he would not have used the same comments to describe a male opponent. Too bad Peter will get away with this.

    By Blogger Léo Bourdon, at 2:55 AM  

  • What are you guys talking about? I agree that he was insulting Belinda as opposed to women in general, but if it appears that Hon. Peter MacKay said something offensive about women, it definetly reflects badly on him, and could deflect voters over to the liberals. Many women and men for that matter may chose not to vote for him or the conservatives. Now I see why Harper won't let his cabinet speak to the media, they might reflect their true colours!!!

    By Blogger Marielle, at 12:08 PM  

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