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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Résultats du PPRE 2006

Salut tout le monde,

J'ai le plaisir de vous annoncer que le PPRE qui s'est déroulé ce samedi a très bien passé! Les deux politiques émises par le JLUO ont été adoptés par la région de l'est au complet. Ce fait est considérable en tenant compte du fait que nous étions seulement permises d'adopter deux au complet! Voici les politiques dans leur état du jour après avoir subi des modifications lors de ce réunion.

Politique du Parlement de la Région de l’Est – Politiques des JLUO

# 1 : Affaires autochtones :
i) Considérant les mauvaises conditions de vie dans les réserves autochtones canadiennes qui ont été mises en lumière par les reportages médiatiques sur la crise de l’eau potable de la Réserve Kasechewan au Nord de l’Ontario;
ii) Considérant que plusieurs communautés autochtones sont situées dans des régions éloignées du pays.
iii) Considérant que des réserves canadiennes connaissent un manque d’eau potable propre.

Se résoudre à prendre des moyens de pression auprès du gouvernement Conservateur afin qu’il s’entreprend à travailler avec les communautés aborigènes ainsi que les chefs de celles-ci afin d’améliorer les conditions de vie des peuples autochtones du Canada.

Se résoudre à prendre des moyens de pression afin que le gouvernement Conservateur fournisse les fonds nécessaires pour faciliter la façon dont les soins sont offerts aux canadiens vivant dans des régions éloignées du pays, y compris les réserves autochtones.

Se résoudre à ce que les normes qui sont les mêmes pour la majorité des canadiens soient mises en place pour les gens vivant sur les réserves canadiennes.

#2 : Gestion des déchets :
i) Considérant que plusieurs municipalités dans la province de l’Ontario possèdent des services obligatoires de recyclage et de compostage hebdomadaires et/ou des limites imposées sur le nombre de sacs de déchet alloué à chaque maison chaque semaine.
ii) Considérant que les programmes de gestion des déchets et de recyclage plus compréhensifs ont su réduire le nombre de sacs de déchet nécessaire pour chaque maison par semaine.
iii) Considérant que d’autres villes ne possèdent pas de quotas obligatoires hebdomadaires relatifs aux sacs de recyclage et que le système doit être évalué afin d’être en mesure de protéger l’environnement.

Se résoudre à ce que les JLO exige que des programmes obligatoires de ramassage des déchets au bord du trottoir soient graduellement introduits dans chacune des municipalités de la province de l’Ontario suite à des études de faisabilité. De tels programmes devraient comprendre :
a) Une boîte bleue pour les contenants en plastique.
b) Une boîte grise pour le papier
c) Une boîte verte pour les ordures ménagères, le compost
d) Maximum d’un sac à ramasser par maison, avec possibilité d’acheter des étiquettes
e) Le ramassage des déchets de cour sera inclus (branches, feuilles)
f) Ramassage mensuel des déchets chimiques et dangereux
g) Des exceptions seront accordées à certains moments de l’année pour ce qui est du nombre de sacs accordé pour le ramassage, y compris pendant la période du ménage de printemps et pendant les vacances, telles que la période des Fêtes.

Se résoudre à ce que les JLO exige une réduction de pourcentage des déchets municipaux selon les recherches menées par le biais des études de faisabilité.

Se résoudre à ce que les JLO exige que tous les emballages industriels et commerciaux soient fabriqués en matières recyclables.


  • Where are your maple leafs buddy???? OOOOHHHH thats right they are out!

    By Blogger UofOLiberal, at 10:15 AM  

  • Fish, you are a nice guy unlike your extreme friend "uofottawa communist":)

    Mackenzie Johnson (President of the University of Ottawa Young Liberals) has deleted most of my comments on his liberal and "welcoming" blog. Knowing that the truth will destroy him, he deleted everything what I said saying it was racist, sexist. etc. You know how it goes;) When liberals cannot argue with you, they use personal attacks. Luckily, I know this person's name and can initiate a lawsuit against him if he fails to prove that I somehow violated sections 318 and 319 of the Canadian Criminal Code.

    Let me tell you this, Mackenzie: You are a stupid fuck (yes! yes!) if you cannot distinguish between racism, hate speech and offensive comments or something you disagree with. Because of people like you the Liberal party's reputation and prestige is at its low now. You know that I am right and you are wrong! You will never publish my comments because you are afraid of what I say;)

    Just to repeat again so that most people know who to vote for next time;)

    I’ve been asked once: “Hey…. How come you like conservatives? You were born in another country, your first language is not English…man…these guys do not like people like you…they are nationalists, do not like gays and lesbians, hate immigrants, etc…”. Then this girl went on to say: “Liberals are more welcoming to different folks, more open-minded, because that’s the kind of people we are”. Well, let me tell you: I've just realized and Mackenzie Johnson has just proven my point: many far-left Liberals have an unparalleled capacity to create a myth and delete other peoples' comments;) when the truth will destroy them. In reality, liberals are far from being “welcoming”. In addition to devoted Christians and Jews, whom liberals hate, they are also not particularly welcoming of “folks” who do not recycle, who do not believe it is a Constitutional right to stick a fork in a baby’s head or to have anal sex. They are not welcoming to people who think that a human life is more important than a bird’s or a monkey’s life. They do not like judges who believe in G-d. Liberals are not welcoming to people who believe marriage is a sacred institution. They are extremely unwelcoming of minorities, immigrants, blacks and women who stray from the liberal orthodoxy and become Conservatives (like me;)).

    Many Liberals are against Western and Judeo-Christian traditions and values.Immigrants, minorities, blacks, women and all other people are better off when they share conservative values, because conservatives believe that all people are equal. We believe that only one’s merit should be taken into consideration…we believe in equality of opportunities, whereas liberals believe in equality of outcomes. Unfortunately, their philosophy does not work in practice. Considering themselves to be superior, more enlightened, more educated and open-minded, liberals do not realize that sometimes extreme “open-mindness” can cause significant loss of brain cells and damage one’s brain tissue! Some people call liberals "intellectual morons". If you want to know what "intellectual moron" means, just look at Mackenzie Johnson ;)


    PS! Make sure you vote for the right party next time;)

    By Blogger Hedonist, at 7:06 AM  

  • hedonist,

    I understand why mac would remove your comments from the UOYL blog. You are using offensive language towards people you don't even know...I'm refering to your choice of vocabulary, not it's content, quite a difference I assure you.


    By Blogger Vicky, at 9:13 PM  

  • Wow, evidently, I need to check my own blog a little more often!

    To be perfectly honest, I usually only use this blog to make announcements for the UOYL that relate to my position as Policy Advisor. So to all my loyal readers (that's right both of you!) here is the reply you've been waiting for:

    First and Foremost, I would like to congratulate my good friend Mac on the brilliant performance of his Ottawa Senators in the Playoffs. It's been a while since I've seen them come that close to squeezing out of the first round!

    Next off, Hedonist, during your entire rant you got one thing right. I am a nice guy (but try not to let the word out, I have a reputation to uphold).

    I don't happen to have my criminal code in front of me at the moment, but I do believe that Mac did not actually accuse you of violating either of those sections of the criminal code. He merely said that what you wrote was hateful and racist and that he did not want to be associated with it. So good luck with the whole slander suit.

    Furthermore, Liberals do not hate people that disagree with them. You might have shared a pint or two with a liberal who was very arrogant(after a pint or two I've been known to get a little mouthy myself!) But the fact is that the liberal party is quite welcoming to most points of view. I for one am very proud of the fact that I am an angler and hunter. Though I've had heated debates over these beliefs with many of my fellow liberals.

    I am also no fan of abortion (though I think it would be a mistake to criminalize it). But even this stance has drawn me into more than one argument.

    Mac is a very good friend of mine, and I can assure you that he is anything but "a stupid fuck".

    By resorting to profanity and rhetoric, you have totally discredited yourself, and it is for that reason alone that I leave your posting on my blog. Postings like yours do far more for our cause than they do for yours, and in fact they hold back the more mainstream conservatives, who often find themselves unfairly branded with the same iron that would more aptly be appplied to the flanks of people such as yourself.

    To those conservatives who employ reason in their arguments, I think you will find that we disagree about a great many things, but my heart goes out to you nonetheless, as a result of the burden imposed upon you by people like Hedonist.

    By Blogger Fish, at 5:25 PM  

  • I would first and foremost like to thank these good liberals for their understanding of what I did. I deleted those comments because of principle, not because I disagreed with you. If you notice, not all of your comments were deleted.

    Now Fish is right, even as good friends we disagree alot, but we do not persecute one another - it is in fact because of these differences that we actually get along quite well - great debate and discussion. Liberals are a welcoming and diverse crowd - perhaps you should really learn more about who you are attacking.

    In regards to the slander remarks, Hedonist, if you will look closely, the posting does not attack you personally in any respect. In fact it does not mention any one person. I was simply defending the integrity of the UOYL. ALL offensive comments directly insiting hatred towards any ethic, racial, religious or cultural group will NOT be tolerated. Meaningful debate is always welcome and in fact encouraged. Discuss pertinent information and debate ideologies, but do not insight hatred because you have a different point of view than anyone else.

    Hedonist, I remember your comments, I will never forget them! You were insighting hatred towards a certain ethnic group - and you continue to on your blog. You claim to be defending against an ideology of extremism ...well sorry to disappoint you...but you are not doing much for your cause considering you are partaking in it yourself (granted not to the same degree but in principle you are!)

    Slander, good sir, you should read that posting you are sending across the blog world... I am no legal expert but your PERSONAL attacks on my character are pretty close to slander. You are really not good at this are you. The more you try to defend yourself, the deeper a hole you are digging for yourself.

    To sum up... I dont feel I need to justify my stance to anyone. And judging by the response I have been getting - you have in fact insighted some direct phone calls - many people agree with my decision.

    Happy blogging!

    By Blogger UofOLiberal, at 8:42 PM  

  • Nice blog man.... you should write more often

    By Blogger Marc-André Mongeon, at 2:22 PM  

  • You know who's a stupid fuck? People who call someone else a stupid fuck with no apparent reason. I haven't read his original comment on the UOYL blog, but by what I'm reading here, it was more than accurate to delete his ramblings. Funny how he attacks us liberal as just a bunch of atheist who almost destroy churches and stuff. He's one for you hedonist: I'm both a Christian and a liberal. Just show you how accurate the liberals "hates" Christians here...

    By Anonymous Léo, at 5:59 PM  

  • Hey Fish how are ya?

    I went on Hedonist's Blog and read some of his comments... Quite scary to see people who can think that way isnt it.

    He wont post the comment i made, but I thought you might like my response to him and his most recent blog postings...

    To Hedonist:

    Perhaps you should take a look at the broader picture...

    First of all Terrorism is a tactic not an object. Secondly perhaps some of these attacks may be "blowback" from the previous Jewish Invasion into Lebanon? Many authors and scholars have argued that terrorism as a tactic for pushing forth a political agenda is "blowback" from American policies in the Middle East. I am not justifying any one persons actions, but there is a broader picture that should be understood.

    By making comments and postings such as yours you are fueling the hatred and if enough people like yourself keep making comments such as this around the world, the fighting will not stop.

    By Israel responding to Hezbollah's attacks, Hezbollah is winning. Israel is losing with each bomb it drops. Hezbollah is using the Israeli attacks as political motivation. The Lebanese people are rallying to their cause in defence of Lebanon. Perhaps you should have read yesterday's Globe and Mail where Michael Ignatieff argues this same point. This is exactly why Hamas has gained power in Palestine.

    Perhaps since you are moderating comments, perhaps you should moderate your own thoughts and use some common sense in the view of this situation. The only way the fighting will end is through diplomatic means.

    I am no far-left extremist by no means, but it seems you Libertarians just want war?? You say Canada should partake in this war?? Using what may I ask?? Think about what you are saying.

    And I stand by my previous comments, your blog is inciting racism against the Islamic Faith.

    By Blogger UofOLiberal, at 8:43 AM  

  • It seems that Hedonist has long fallen off the deep end. His comments towards UOYL pres are completely unwarranted and his choice of offensive expression discredits whatever point he is trying to make anyway.

    Someone who doesn't respect the rights of others, as Hedonist clearly doesn't, is simply not worth our time.

    By Blogger Just another Liberal, at 10:38 AM  

  • You are quite correct.

    But he sure is fun to get riled up!

    By Blogger Fish, at 5:38 PM  

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