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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Results of 2006 ERPP

Hey Everyone,
I am pleased to report that the ERPP on Saturday went very well! Both policies put forward by the UOYL were adopted by the entire Eastern Region. This is considerable, since we were only allowed to adopt two to begin with! Here are the policies as they now exist after having been amended during the meeting.

OYL Eastern Region Policy Parliament 2006

Policies Presented by the University of Ottawa Young Liberals (UOYL)

#1: Aboriginal affairs:
i) Whereas there are poor living conditions throughout Canadian aboriginal reserves, which have been brought to light particularly by media coverage of the drinking water crisis at the Kasechewan reserve in Northern Ontario.
ii) Whereas many aboriginal communities are situated in remote areas of the country.
iii) Whereas many Canadian reserves have a lack of clean drinking water.

Be it resolved that action be taken to pressure the conservative government to work with Aboriginal communities and leaders to improve the living conditions of Canada’s aboriginal people.

Be it further resolved that the conservative government be pressured to provide the necessary funds that would facilitate the care of all Canadians that live in remote regions of the country including aboriginal reserves.

And be it further resolved that standards equal to those enjoyed by most Canadians should be set in place for people that live on Canadian reserves.

#2: Waste management:
i) Whereas many municipalities in the province of Ontario have mandatory recycling and composting services on a weekly basis, and/or weekly bag limits per household.
ii) Whereas the more comprehensive waste management and recycling programs have proven to reduce the number of garbage bags needed per household/per week.
iii) Whereas other cities do not have mandatory recycling weekly bag quotas, there is a need to evaluate this system in order to protect the environment.

Be it resolved that the OYL call for mandatory curb side waste pick-up programs to be phased in gradually within all municipalities in the province of Ontario following feasibility studies. Such programs should include:
a) A blue box for plastic cans
b) A grey box for paper
c) A green box for kitchen waste, compost
d) Maximum one bag pick-up per household, with ability to purchase tags
e) Yard waste pick-ups will be included
f) Monthly chemical and dangerous goods waste pick-ups
g) There will be exceptions at certain times of the year for increased garbage pick-up including: spring cleaning week and holidays such as Christmas.

Be it further resolved that the OYL call for a % reduction in municipal waste based on research conducted through vis-à-vis feasibility studies.

Be it further resolved that the OYL call for all commercial and industrial packaging to be made out of recyclable materials.


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