Little Fish in a Giant pond

Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Playoff Picks - Round 2

Eastern Conference

Carolina vs Boston

The Hurricanes have shown gumption, but Boston has a lot of talent. Just the same, Boston has had a long break, and the Habs never even bothered to show up for round 1, and there is such a thing as being too well rested! Canes in 7

Pittsburgh vs Washington

Finally Crosby and Ovechkin will meet in the playoffs! It's going to be a great series to watch. Capitals in seven.

Western Conference

Detroit vs Anaheim

Anaheim is a plucky little club and they've already shown they can punch above their weight by knocking off the Sharks, but the Defending champs will hardly be pushovers. Ducks in 7 hard fought games.

Vancouver vs Chicago
The Blackhawks showed some serious tenacity in making it to thsi round, but the more experienced Canucks team will dominate this time. Canucks in five.

Monday, April 13, 2009

My first round hockey playoff picks

Eastern Conference

Montreal vs Boston
My how a things can change in just one year! The only thing that hasn't changed since last year, is that the Habs still don't have the heart to match their depth. They made a last heroic effort to cling to that last playoff spot this season, but it won't last. Bruins in five.

New York (R) vs Washington
Strangely enough, Avery's return actually seemed to help the Rangers this season, but ultimately, he and Richter will not be enough to overcome Ovechkin and Théodore. Capitals in six.

Carolina vs New Jersey
The Canes have been red hot toward the end of the season, maybe even enough to upset the most successful goaltender of all time. Hurricanes in seven.

Philadelphia vs Pittsburgh
The Flyers gave us one Hell of a show last year, but in the end they were not strong enough to overcome Sid and his crew. This year the Penguins are not quite the juggernaut they were last season so the Flyers actually have a chance of getting past them this year, but I still say the Pens have the advantage. Penguins in seven.

Western Conference

San Jose vs. Anaheim
It's nice to start writing about the Western Conference without having to begin with Detroit for a change! The sharks are so big, strong, and fast that they almost don't even need to have one of the best goaltenders in the league between the pipes. Unfortunately for their opponents, they also have that advantage. Sharks in five.

Detroit vs Columbus
I hate the wings with a passion, but I know a winner when I see one. Red Wings in six.

Vancouver vs St. Louis
What can I say? I have a soft spot for Sundin. Canucks in five.

Chicago vs. Calgary
With the late addition of Jokinen, the flames have been on a rampage, though they seem to have cooled toward the end of the season. Flames in seven.