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Thursday, December 18, 2008

So much to do, so little time...

It's been a while since my last post.

As those of you who are more familiar with my blogging know, I am just getting my legal career off the ground right now, which makes it pretty hard to blog, but I haven't given up and don't plan on doing so anytime soon!

Unfortunately, my latest busy streak at work has come at a rather inopportune time, since things have been really hot in Ottawa lately!

I watched with great interest as Prime Minister Harper steered himself into the political crisis! I have to say that the most interesting part was watching each side try to justify itself. All sides seem pretty unanimous that the economic update didn't really seek to do much for Canadians, and in fact Harper's stance all throughout the elections was pretty much to stand around and wait for things to come crashing down around his ankles. Just the same, I'm pretty convinced that this had a lot more to do with Harper's attempt to cut off public funding of the parties than anything else.

The fact is that the public simply won't get behind the parties for fighting to save their own asses, but fighting to make sure the government protects Canadians during an economic crisis is a little more palatable to the public.

To be honest, I can't say that I blame the opposition parties for wanting to protect their public funding. As soon as the elections ended, the PM promised he would try to work with the other parties, and then immediately set about adopting measures that would bankrupt them! Our country has no one to blame for this political crisis, but the PM himself.

I can respect the PM for trying to get politicians to make cutbacks during these lean times, but if he really wanted to get the opposition parties to start surviving off of their grass roots donors, he could have chosen a more reasonable approach. At the very least, the government should have pledged to gradually phase out public funding by reducing it gradually over the years.

Sadly, by making a blatant attempt to cripple the opposition, the Tories proved that they simply couldn't be trusted, and the opposition parties had no choice but to take them down while they still can.

I was rather hoping that the Governor General would refuse to prorogue Parliament, but I can't say that I blame her for agreeing. I believe that even though Parliament had not had its chance to express it's lack of confidence in the Conservatives through a vote, it was still pretty clear that the PM was trying to avoid such a vote. Just the same, she is an unelected figurehead who has to be very careful about the APPEARANCE of illegitimacy. Let us not forget that she was named to her position by a Liberal PM, which may have prompted some to criticize her for being partisan. At least by granting the PM's request, she has given Canada's elected officials the time to work something out between themselves. I still disagree with her decision, but at least I can respect it.

It's a shame about Dion. I'll miss him as a leader, but at least the Liberal party will have some stability now that Ignatieff is both our interim and de facto new leader. I like Ignatieff, and I have to admit that we are already getting better press coverage with him as our leader. He deffinitely has no shortage of charisma. I look forward to him becoming PM!

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  • Of course, I don't approve this coalition at all for all the reasons I can think of.

    However, I will restrain myself to political correctness since you've just entered the business of legal matters....just kidding.

    Best regards and happy new year 2009 and keep on blogging and in French too once and a while so that you don't forget it ;).

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