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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

NHL playoffs, round one.

No political discussions today, I'd like to discuss something a little more important... my picks for the first round of this years NHL playoffs!!!

Eastern Conference

Montreal vs. Boston

As much as it pained me (I am a long sufering, die hard Leafs fan), I was actually one of the few people who predicted before the season began that the Habs would be cup contenders this year. I am genetically programed to hate this team, but the truth is the truth, and I am expecting them to go far this season. Carey Price is in the zone and does not seem to be having too much difficulty with his confidence. Add to that the fact that he has a realy deep team in front of him and you have a killer combination. Habs in five.

Pittsburgh vs. Ottawa

Well, I made the mistake of betting my hair on Pittsburgh last year, and wound up the sexiest bald guy on the blogosphere! Much as I may regret it, I'm sticking with Sid the kid this year. He and Malkin are a lethal combination. Marc-André Fleury has had a pretty solid season in net, and as much as I like Gerber, I don't think he'll stand up against the Penguin offence. Add to that the fact that Daniel Alfredson and Mike Fisher (no relation... as far as I know) will be out of the sens lineup for a while, and it does not look good for O-town this year. If Hossa can break his playoff hex, the penguins will be a force to be reckoned with. Pens in six.

Washington vs. Philadelphia

Ovechkin has had an amazing season, and now that the caps have Huet between the pipes they are looking good! They should make it past Philly without too much difficulty, but I don't think they will get much further, though they do have the potential to cause some serious upsets! Washington in six.

New York vs. New Jersey

Yawn. A goaltenders duel, and I think the teams are two evenly matched to be sure. I'll flip the coin and take New York in double OT of game seven.

Western Conference

I haven't been following the West too closely this year, but I'll give it my best shot!

Detroit vs. Nashville

Two of the league's top ten scorers, and two of the best goaltenders in the league are hard to compete against. This will be a tough series, but in the end I think Nashville will be outgunned, as much as I hate the wings. Detroit in six.

San Jose vs. Calgary

As much as I want to see any Canadian team (except for the damn Canadiens!) win the cup, I don't think Calgary has what it takes to get past Nobokov and Thornton. Sharks in seven.

Minnesota vs. Colorado

I have a few Minnesota players in my pool, Go wild! Minnesota in seven.

Anaheim vs. Dallas

I'll give the benefit of the doubt to the defending champ. Ducks in six.

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